Avanti Way Launches New Platform That Will Forever Upgrade the Real Estate Experience

May 30, 2019

MIAMI, Nov. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Avanti Way, the Miami-based company quickly rising to become the top real estate brokerage in all of Florida, has launched a unique, upgraded, and revolutionary platform that will forever change the entire real estate process for agents, buyers, sellers, and investors.

Only founded a decade ago, Avanti Way already has more than 500 real estate agents across six different locations between Miami Dade and Broward counties who have completed more than $2.5 Billion in transactions. Avanti Way is always iterating to constantly challenge the industry status quo, bringing innovation to the real estate space by providing a unique tech and educational driven experience for agents and consumers alike.

Avanti Way’s newly-launched platform is much more than just a new tool. The platform provides an upgraded experience, simplifies cluttered and time-consuming processes, and incorporates valuable data points from many of the platforms already out there in one place. The platform is able to do this by using a smart collaboration system to make the processes easier, faster, and more transparent than any tool to date. The system is powered by artificial intelligence, smart data analytics and presents everything in a single, dynamic, and stylish portal for agents and consumers can make smarter decisions working together.

For an overview of the newly-launched platform, view this video: Your Way Home. Faster. Smarter.

“As the fastest-growing player in the Miami, we are always looking for ways to up our game and upgrade the industry. The business has changed, and consumers now have great data but no real guidance on the interpretation of such data in what’s become a very crowded space, so we had to develop a new kind of platform,” stated Enrique Teran, co-founder of Avanti Way. “Simply stated, this new experience makes the many complexities easy to understand so the real estate agent can provide the right value to the consumer in this fast-paced, data-driven era.” “Since our official launch of this new tech a few weeks ago in October at Miami Beach to an audience of over 300 professionals at an awe-inspiring event at the renowned Colony Theatre, our agents have begun using the tool and elevated their role within the real estate process for buyers, sellers or investors. We can’t wait to see where this takes the industry!”, added Andres Korda, co-founder of Avanti Way.

For a quick video sizzle and photographs of the launch event visit:

Click Here for event trailer Video

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For Eduardo Sanchez, one of the company’s top agents, “The tool is like nothing out there, taking care of all the current pain points for real estate agents and consumers in a way that saves time and generates total value to meet today’s consumer demands,” he states.

Avanti Way has received multiple awards over the course of its existence including the Real Estate Leaders and Achievers Award, given by the Miami Chamber of Commerce, as well as being recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as the 3rd Fastest Growing Company in South Florida for 2016. As part of its alliance with Techo.org, its agents are dedicated to giving back having donated more than 25 homes to unprivileged communities in Latin America over the course of just the last two years, made possible by contributions from their commissions.

About Avanti Way

More than a company, Avanti Way is a way of life for real estate agents. It offers a unique and forward-looking culture founded on the highest principles of innovation and collaboration that allows agents to achieve new levels of efficiency and provide unprecedented customer value for real estate related transactions and services. At Avanti Way, agents become “Agentpreneurs” and are the center of what is called “The Avanti Way”, a comprehensive business model that combines breakthrough technologies, effective support systems, knowledge sharing initiatives, and advanced marketing efforts that help agents manage more sales in a faster, better, and easier way to gain a new edge as real estate professionals.


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